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Wild Ecstatic ! | Ayuna Live | DJ Venus | Cacao

Datum: 11-02-2023
Locatie: Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10 (backdoors), 1065 AS Amsterdam, Noord-holland
Door: Wilde Ziel
Prijs: € 30,00
Wild Ecstatic Dance Party 11 February: (Valentine edition)

FB: fb.me/e/2CTIJgqML

Conscious Dance party with Potluck dinner, Sacred Cacao, Wild Ecstatic Dance Journey, live concert/music,  DJ and a lot more...

Wild Ecstatic welcomes the full spectrum of your sensations: wild, deeply embodied,sensual, raw, primal, tender, shy, playful and vibrant.......we dance this Wild Ecstatic Dance Journey together, no late entry.

11 February:  Sacred cacao ceremony, Live Mantra concert by Laura Ayana! Wild Ecstatic Dance Journey with DJ Venus, Contortion Act by Jeroen Butterman!

Wild Ecstatic Party: Program February 11 (Valentine Edition):

18:00 Welcome, door open
18:30 Potluck dinner
19:30 Sacred Cacao and LIVE Mantra Concert by Laura Ayana
20:30 Wild Ecstatic Dance Journey with DJ Venus!
22:30 Lounge open & hot tub
23:30  After Beats..sensual heart music by Jivanmukta
23:30 Conscious ritual Playground (guided by Mark, see below)
01:00 Closing circle & cleaning up together

Wild Ecstatic Party: what are the extra's ?

* All drinks: Fresh ginger tea, mint water, alcoholfree drinks & delicious healthy (mainly organic) treats are free
* A magnificent powerful sound system.
* A perfect dance floor for dancing and groundwork.
* A warm, cozy and beautiful temple space, with great energy
* An extra lounge to chill, to play singing bowls/music together or for massage or healing.
* Dance hammock
* Free parking close to Temple (after 19:00) and enough parking lots
* Hot Tub on the patio
* Conscious Ritual Playground (23:30 - 1:00 ) by Mark (wildeziel.nl). We change the space into a Temple space with activities you can choose like: cuddling in a hammock, multi hands massage, awakening the senses with feathers, tantrik bondage. This will be introduced by Mark with a play of consent.

Address: Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam New-West (near train station Lelylaan), PLEASE USE THE BACKDOOR of the building.

About the location:

Address: Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10, Amsterdam New-West (near train station Lelylaan), PLEASE USE THE BACKDOOR of the building. NS Station Lelylaan is 10 min. walk.

The Temple of Happiness is an unique, intimate and sacred space in Amsterdam, where we invite you to dive deep and fly high during a bare foot Conscious Dance.

Additional Information:

- Check our website for more information:

- Become a member (or renew your membership) and receive discount!

- Become a volunteer by sending a mail to nataschafrid@protonmail.com or call 06 40343733 and buy your volunteer ticket after confirmation.

About our DJ in February:

DJ Venus creates musical journeys to guide you in healing, awakening and liberation. She does this by exposing you to innovative rhythms, melodies, sounds, voices, cultures and transitions. The present is where the past and the future meet in harmony. The dancer embodies this by surrendering to the music. Venus also strongly feels that the Divine Feminine is awakening, so this is also reflected in her selection. Want to know more about Venus? Check www.franskehuisman.nl :-)

the link to my music is www.soundcloud.com/xxxvenus

Put already in your agenda:
8 April:  Sacred Cacao, Live Wild Ecstatic Dance Band: Coco Entrelogico... and the Wildest Dance Journey with DJ Audyo! 
Toegevoegd op 03-02-2023
Dans, Cacaoceremonie, Tantra
Wilde Ziel
Hendrik van Wijnstraat, 10
1065 AS  Amsterdam
Telefoon: 0627033545