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VissenVissenHaan ~ MetaalHaan ~ Metaal
'Hello there fellow soul on this journey on earth! I am looking for someone with a high vibration, am I in the right place? I would love to make a deep connection and make this adventure even more fun, together.

Love to be without boundaries and inhibitions, like a child and the infinite being we truly are! Oh that went spiritual within a second, and yep...that's my favorite subject :-). I like being around any kind of people that are themselves (maybe That’s why I like working with people with an disablement).

I: try to be interested, not interesting, laugh too hard about my own jokes, like cooking Thai and giving Thai massage, love making music, am the romantic type and am hooked on spiritual practise / theory / development. And I try to do something I am scared of everyday, the list is getting short. Making the most of moments, because that's all we have!

Some things I can’t do without: pianoplaying, yoga, singing in the shower, peanutbutter, good coffee, uplifting music, walks in nature. And last but not least: my awesome 7-year old son :).

Next to my work as a caretaker I have my own business. I promote fairtrade and sustainable products. That's something also close to my heart: co-creating a fair and live-able earth for every being - not just humans. We have so much here in 'the West', it's a true paradise with endless possibilities. But let's not forgot our brothers and sisters in need. I like that more and more people focus on well-being in stead of wealth. I enjoy comfort at the same time, and I love to travel and explore!'


  • Ik ben een man
  • Ik ben 40 jaar
  • Jouw leeftijd doet er voor mij niet toe
  • Ik zoek iemand voor een serieuze relatie of een vriendschap
  • Mijn lengte is 193 cm
  • Jouw lengte maakt me niet uit
  • Ik heb een slank postuur
  • Ik heb zelf kind(eren)
  • Ik woon in de provincie Noord-Holland
  • Ik heb als sterrenbeeld Vissen
  • Ik heb als chinees sterrenbeeld Haan - Metaal
  • Ik heb geen kinderwens
  • Ik ben van W-Europese afkomst
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