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  Kian369, 9 mei 2020

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Het effect van anti-zwaartekracht

Dit artikel schreef ik eerder voor een engelstalig forum:

It is true that starseeds influence technology of other races. As a child I knew antigravity UFO's existed and how the effect of antigravity works. I tried to explain it within the concepts of a child, like that they moved over invisible strings between the sun and the surrounding planets, what later on in my life turned out to be called magnetic fields and the flow of Ether. Of course my dad who worked at CERN as a nuclear particle physicist did not believe me because he is lost in his particle religion. Humanity still has a long way to go.

A magnetic field thoroid is formed by two opposite forces. Imagine a spinning gyroscope. The axis pole in the middle represents the magnetic force, the rotating flywheel or disc in the middle represents the diëlectric force. The magnetic force wants to expand outward, up or down in the direction of the pole. The diëlectric force (spinning disc) wants to contract back to the center, or zero-point). This spinning disc is called the Bloch Wall in eartly science. The interaction between the expanding magnetic force and the contractin diëlectric force is what creates the toroid shaped magnetic field. https://youtu.be/nkIIdRJZybw

Every atom works like that and a magnet is a lot of atoms all polarized in the same north-south direction, all forming a larger magnetic field together.

The ether is a form of energy that flows from outer space to the center mass of earth. This is what causes the heating of earths core.

On it's way to earth the flow of Ether passes through many atoms and gets momentarily trapped in the spinning disc of the diëlectric field. This causes an acceleration towards earth that we call 'gravity'.

If you spin the magnetic field in the opposite way then the diëlectric plane is turning, then you effectively stop the rotation of the diëlectric plane. That causes the diëlectric plane to enter a state of zero resistance to the flow of the Ether and the gravity effect is cancelled.

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