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Door   Keltoi, 23 juni 2016, 23:08

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My Celtic soul

This is the man who awakened my love for Celtic music.
I was 14 years old.
At the time, I was already obsessed to know everything about the Celts. Something inside me had been screaming, I am a Celt, I do not belong here, I belong [...]

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Door   Keltoi, 24 oktober 2015, 00:09

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Resistence is futile.

The ego has gone where it came from;

It doesn't matter anymore.

At least it kept us busy for a while, provided some good entertainment and distraction in the meantime. . . .

It is [...]

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Door   Keltoi, 7 september 2015, 03:47

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Yes. No.

No escape.

No story.

No game.




Here Now.

Thank you.



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Door   Keltoi, 24 juli 2015, 13:14

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Ter Lering ende Vermaeck

ZOEK !!!
PAK ZE !!! :-D

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